About Us

The Resolution Law Group, P.C., is a premier boutique law firm engaging in high-stakes commercial and private disputes, encompassing a broad range of legal services. With a national complex litigation practice and a strategic alliance of contract litigators and law firms, seasoned in targeted legal disciplines, we have emerged as a firm taking on consumer advocacy at the national level.

Resolution Law Group lawyers and its contract litigating partners focus their talents on helping clients achieve the best possible results in their trial and arbitration matters. The firm is directed in its ability to handle the most difficult legal situations with targeted and steadfast intensity.

The Firm has a reputation for a “bet the company” commitment and in its efforts to prevail in cases where the opposition is formidable and more securely funded. This area of “Complex Tort Litigation”, at its broadest base is cutting edge, and focused on the lending abuses of the nation’s leading residential lenders, and the impact of those practices on the national economy.

In lender litigation, one specialized arena, the firm is engaging institutions that have comparatively unlimited financial resources. As we now know, the nation’s largest financial organizations, who have been found responsible of fraud, continue to avoid their moral and financial responsibility to the American Homeowner.  Through Complex Tort Litigation, the firm is leveling the playing field and holding these defendants accountable for violations of state and federal laws.

The trial lawyers at The Resolution Law Group approach your case in a manner and with a passion that gives you the best possible chance to win.

We have worked on virtually every type of commercial dispute. Although a boutique firm, we have earned a reputation for handling some of the toughest and most high-profile cases in the U.S. High-stakes and huge-exposure matters are the firm’s forté, although we handle all manner of small- and medium-sized disputes for a variety of clients. Our approach to litigation is lean and efficient and is always focused on our client’s goals. Our lawyers bring both intense legal expertise and top-notch trial skills to the task. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants, and we use those collective skills on every matter we handle.

The firm has been built methodically with the right people. Taken together, we believe our collective skills are the best in the business. Click here for CT State Bar Firm ID  (Use CT Juris Number: 433144 to view details)


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