The Resolution Law Group: The Benefits of Multi-Party Litigation


  • If you are a homeowner who wants to fight back, multi-party litigation is an affordable solution.  Individual litigation can be prohibitively expensive and many times requires the homeowner to pay court filing fees and other fees related to the litigation.  With multi-party litigation, the cost of litigation are shared by multiple plaintiffs.


  • The multi-party litigation platform not only offers plaintiffs a more affordable option for fighting the large banks, we believe it also offers strength in numbers.  Plaintiffs can now form a united front against big banks and pool their individual circumstances into a single suit.


  • It is critical that you understand there is no guarantee of success and that the approach we are pursuing to hold the banks accountable for their actions is relatively new, due both to the recency of the housing market collapse and the fact that the full scope of misconduct by those in the home lending industry has yet to be fully discovered.

Relief sought may include, but is not limited to: principle reductions, more favorable interest rates and monetary damages.  If a bank chooses not to settle on terms favorable to our clients, The Resolution Law Group will gladly take the case to resolution through trial.

If you, your family, friends, neighbors or associates have been subjected to Mortgage Fraud, please contact The Resolution Law Group at (203) 542-7275 for a confidential, no obligation consultation.

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