The Resolution Law Group has always been on the cutting edge of the legal profession, setting new standards through its pioneering approach to complex commercial litigation: representing defendants; creating innovative fee arrangements for even the largest, most complex disputes; and recruiting the highest quality lawyer talent to enhance the team’s unabashed desire to win cases for clients.

The long-standing Resolution Law Group approach is to give clients more than they expect. We foster that attitude and drive in our lawyers and staff with an environment of open thinking and communication that encourages excellence and creativity. Our clients expect excellence from us, and we expect nothing less from each other.

Resolution Law Group lawyers are as diverse as our practice areas. Their accomplishments, business experiences, education and interests shape the Firm’s culture.

They are the key to providing the full range of service capabilities our clients need by working together as integrated, multidisciplinary teams with each member drawing from a unique set of talents. We invite you to access a wide range of biographical information on our Firm’s lawyers.

Share Risk:

We share risk with our clients via contingency fee and alternative fee arrangements.


Reciprocity is at the core of all of our client engagements. Serious and complex commercial litigation disputes involve various levels of risk. Our ability and willingness to share risk demonstrate our desire to provide first-rate trial lawyer service in a manner that gives you confidence in the value The Resolution Law Group provides and the results we deliver.

For years we have collaborated with clients on a variety of alternative fee and contingency fee arrangements. We have worked under such arrangements in both plaintiff and defense matters. Each case we handle is unique and requires fresh consideration with respect to creating a formula that works for both parties. We understand that our clients desire value and results from working with The Resolution Law Group, and we are dedicated to creating a relationship that delivers both.

Risk sharing with clients and innovative fee arrangements are a hallmark of The Resolution Law Group’s practice. We welcome the opportunity to discuss such arrangements and solutions with you.

Approach Cases Like a Plaintiff.

We work both sides of the docket, but approach every case like a plaintiff.

Total preparation – you can count on us for that. And while defense matters require different strategies than do plaintiff matters, our experience with the latter beneficially informs the former. Because we routinely work with both plaintiffs and defendants, we are continuously enhancing our tactical skills and trial strategies on both sides of the docket. Our analysis of your matter will be meticulous.

Our tactics: purposeful, sharp and relentless.

Work in Lean Teams:

We work in efficient teams with a leaner and more effective approach to complex litigation.


Our firm model and internal culture lend themselves to focused, effective representation. We have a single goal: obtain the best possible results for our clients. We staff each case with the people who can most effectively achieve that success. We work closely with our clients throughout the progress of their case and utilize all of our resources efficiently and productively. The Resolution Law Group’s internal “all-for-one” culture benefits our clients in that competition in our firm is saved for our opponents, who are formidable and better financed.

Begin at the End.

We begin with the end in mind, defining and scripting how we win for our clients.

Extensive strategy stands behind every case we handle at The Resolution Law Group. We work to understand your goals, explore the universe of facts, and methodically construct our approach However, we are a firm of seasoned trial lawyers and our clients find confidence in our experience. Fast-track case or not, we have the track record to prove our success in high-stakes commercial and privet third party right of equity disputes.

Retain Top Talent.

We have a deep bench of talent at all levels.

The firm has a reputation for across-the-board talent. Academically, our lawyers are first rate. Putting those talents into practice, however, is where The Resolution Law Group excels. We are a culture that embraces young talent. We have never hired a lateral partner. Our methods and approach are instilled in each associate though hands-on, side-by-side work with our partners from the very start of their careers. The firm is recognized for this enviable array of talent with no weak spots.

Lender Litigation, Unlawful Foreclosure, Tarp Money, Mortgage Backed Securities, Derivitives Lawsuits, Insider Trading Lawsuit, SEC Settlements, Ponzi Scheme Lawsuits, Intentional Misrepresentation, Securitized Mortgage, Class Action Securities Lawsuit, Robo-Signing Lawsuit, Lost Equity Litigation, Mortgage Lender Fraud, FINRA Fraud Lawsuit, Suing Banks, Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Short Sale Fraud, Fraudulent Business Practices, Mortgage Litigation, Complex Tort Litigation, Injunctive Relief, MERS Fraud

The Resolution Law Group P.C.


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